Lord of the Rings: Murder at the Prancing Pony Standalone Quest

Model/varenr.: FMEC64

Originally released during the 2015 The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game Fellowship Event, Murder at the Prancing Pony is a thrilling standalone scenario in which several of Middleearth's greatest heroes are called upon to solve a murder. The result is a classically engaging murder mystery, set in Middle-earth and given life in card game form.
Your heroes must look for clues to narrow down their list of possible suspects. From five suspects, you must narrow your list to one, and that Suspect might be hidden in any of five different locations. With its different combinations of hiding places and suspects, each of whom has mastered a different fighting style, Murder at the Prancing Pony offers a thrilling mystery that will keep you on you toes every time you play it!

• A challenging standalone scenario for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game
• Originally released as part of a special 2015 Fellowship Event
• Investigate locations throughout Bree-land to solve a mysterious murder
• Five different Suspects and five different hiding places keep your mystery fresh with every play
• Uses unique scenario rules for an Investigation deck to introduce a classic murder mystery

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