Lord of the Rings LCG: The Lost Realm Nightmare Deck

Model/varenr.: FFG-uMEN35

When it was first released, The Lost Realm expansion for The Lord of the
 Rings: The Card Game provided players their first chance to accompany
 the Rangers of the North on their unending vigil – to hold back the evils
 that would otherwise overtake the North. Additionally, its three scenarios
 introduced new decisions and exploration in the form of its innovative
 side quests.
 Now The Lost Realm Nightmare Decks refresh the expansion’s scenarios
 by introducing sixty new cards (divided between three decks of twenty
 cards each) that recast them within the darker and deadlier shadows of
 Nightmare Mode. In Nightmare Mode, the stakes are greater, the evils
 stronger, and your quests are more urgent than ever!

• Contains three twenty-card Nightmare Decks, one for each of the
 three scenarios from The Lost Realm deluxe expansion for The Lord
 of the Rings: The Card Game
• New enemies, locations, treachery, and side quest cards enhance
 existing encounter decks
• Allows expert players to confront scenarios in the game’s darker
 and deadlier Nightmare Mode
• Refreshes classic scenarios, adding new strategies and plot twists
• Adds greater emphasis to your game’s narrative with more side
 quests and captive villagers for you to rescue

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