The White Council

Model/varenr.: GW31-40

The White Council is Sauron's chief opponent in the middle years of the Third Age, and perhaps the greatest assembly of wisdom and martial prowess in this age or any other. In battle, the White Council are all but unmatched - such is their cunning and mastery of spells and magical power, that any who oppose them risks beguilement or outright destruction.

This White Council kit is made up of four unique figures produced in our premium Citadel Finecast resin. Wearing a serene and graceful expression, Galadriel stands in a flowing white gown that pools on the floor around her, while her long, rippled hair cascades down her back. Elrond stands in a wise and noble pose with a long gown and tunic, and upon the underside of his cloak is ornate detailing that has been sculpted onto it. He also wears a subtle yet ornate headpiece. Gandalf the Grey is posed with a determined expression, clutching the hilt of his sword with one hand, and his staff in other. His long hair and beard is so volumous it blends together, and he wears elegant clothing bound with belts across his waist.Saruman the White is also garbed in an exquisite cloak and tunic, with detailing along the hem of the cloak. He possesses a wise expression with one hand touching his chest and the other clutching his ornate staff. These models would make incredible additions to any collection.

This kit contains four components and four 25mm round bases with which to make the White Council.

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