Onus! Rome VS Carthage 2nd Edition

Model/varenr.: BGONUSENG

Have you ever dreamed of commanding a powerful army? Have you ever imagined leading troops, which included elephants over the Alps to try to conquer Rome? Do stories of the Roman Republic and the Punic Wars capture your imagination?

If you answer "yes!" to any of these questions you are going to enjoy this game a lot! This is a wargame similar to miniatures games where both sides fight an ancient battle. The game is based on the Punic Wars mainly, although battles from 264-146 BCE can be simulated. ONUS! combines both orders and events to make the game work smoothly and to make sure no two battles are alike. Each battle will be exciting and unpredictable.


Rulebook with scenarios
90 unit cards
6 player aid cards
72 orders/events cards
5 Generals" cards
8 dice
Dice bag
More than 100 tokens and counters
2 rulers for measuring

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