VAB 4x4

Model/varenr.: H79898
Skala: 1/72

Whoever has done his National Service during these past twenty years has no doubt been the passenger if not the driver of a VAB (armoured amphibian vehicle), real beast of burden of the land forces and operating since 1976.
The VAB is used on all the theatres of operation where France is involved, notably for peace keeping missions commissioned by the UN.
Mainspring of the French troops in 1991 and used by the Daguet Division, the four-wheel drive VAB has demonstrated, during military operations in Iraq, its transport capability and shown its main qualities which are freedom of movement on road and cross country.
More than 5 000 VABs have been turned out in over 50 different versions which goes to show how polyvalent and simple its design is, thus enabling very easy training, operating and maintenance.

Størrelse: Length : 8.3 cm Width : 3.5 cm

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