Zooloretto Boss

Model/varenr.: 04102

Good co-workers and charitable donations make life easier for the zoo director. If he uses the donations skillfully, he will acquire additional animals and vending stalls. If done right, he can make the zoo even more attractive and new to those who visit. In this way, he will attract more visitors and earn more income.
With correct management of these new resources, a player can become the Zoo BOSS.

Beside the money you have a new currency: the donations.
Donations you get f. e. when filling the small, new sponsor enclosure (you also get point tiles).
You can use donations as money but just for specific things.
For example for things on the new supply board.
That can be animals, vending stalls or co-workers.
The last you can place on the new office board.
Depending on the office you choose the co-worker has different effects.
For example earning more donations, extra points for vending stalls, extra points for bought tiles and additional extra point tiles.

- 5 expansion boards
- 1 supply board
- 20 supply tiles
- 5 office boards
- 12 co-workers
- 30 donation tiles
- 20 point tiles

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