Welcome Back to the Dungeon

Model/varenr.: 51305

Welcome Back to the Dungeon plays over several rounds during which one hero
enters the dungeon with a set of equipment. Each turn, add monsters to the
dungeon, remove equipment from the hero, or decide to pass for the round.
The last person in the bidding must enter the dungeon and face all the monsters put inside during the round, with what little equipment the adventurer has left. Successfully traverse two Dungeons to win the game, or
be the last player left in the game after the other players are eliminated.
On top of new monster cards, players can now encounter special monsters in the dungeon that can help them in their quest or take away some of their precious equipment or Health Points. Each new card can be a double-edged sword, making the risk an even bigger component to consider in the player’s strategy!

• 19 Monster cards
• 28 tiles
• 8 player aids
• 5 Success cards
• 1 Health Point board
• 1 Dragon token
• 1 rulebook

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