The Little Prince: Make Me a Planet

Model/varenr.: ASMLUDLPP15EN1

Illustrated with original watercolors of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the
game, as the novella of the Little Prince, is aimed at all, adults as kids.
The game goes all over the poetic and timeless galaxy of the Little
Prince and meets all the characters of the works of Saint-Exupéry, as
well as the items which made its success: the rose, the sheep and the
baobab trees...To win, each player tries to make the prettiest planet
imaginable and to accomodate the dear friends of the Little Prince,
fox, sheep, elephant...
Each round, you take as many tiles as there are of players. The first
player chooses one of them, takes it to build his planet and appoints
the second player. The latter chooses one of the remaining tiles and
appoints the next player and so on. The last player becomes the first
player of the next round.
As soon as a Player has got 3 baobabs trees on his planet, he must
turn the corresponding tiles over. They will not count for the scoring.
The game ends when each Player has got 16 tiles which form a whole
planet. You score the victory points according to the
characters and elements on each planet. The player with the
highest score wins the game.


80 tiles
5 score markers

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