Model/varenr.: TAD001

This year’s annual Wizard Talent Show promises to be an exciting event with skilled witches and wizards attending from far and wide. Players will attempt to prove they are the most talented and deserving spell caster of the bunch.
Ta-Da! is played over a number of fast-paced, frantic rounds. Each player will be furiously rolling dice in an effort to collect the elements needed to cast their spell. With each roll, players can add one die to their spell and must re-roll the rest. As soon as they have completed their spell they yell ‘Ta-da!’ and they’re one step closer to winning the Talent Show. However, game changing Feats will be in play throughout the game, making players perform crazy acts as they play, such as make animal noises, keep their heads on the table and more!

Fun, fast-paced action with players all casting spells at the same time.
• Magical game play for 2 to 6 players.
• Feat cards change up the rules each round.

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