Model/varenr.: ASMSUL01INT

Combine graceful minarets, lush gardens, and soaring cupolas in Sultaniya, a tile-placement game set in the world of the Arabian Nights. A new capital, Sultaniya, has been established in the kingdom of Persia. The Sultan has promised the eminent position of Grand Vizier to whoever constructs the most opulent and perfect palace—an opportunity that you cannot miss. Over the course of the game, you'll gradually build a lavish, four-story palace, earning points for architectural features such as gates, gardens, and towers. You'll also amass shining Sapphires that you can spend to enlist powerful Djinns to aid you in your building efforts. Finally, you'll have two secret objectives to accomplish, such as amassing as many Sapphires as possible or filling your palace with windows. Sultaniya involves careful planning and intriguing strategic challenges, made all the more enticing by the game's stunning art and elegant graphic design.

Sultaniya contains:

Four double-sided individual boards with matching score tokens
93 double-sided tiles
55 sapphires
Four sculpted plastic Djinns
One score track
French, English, and German rulebooks

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