Potion Explosion

Model/varenr.: CMNPTN001

Your time at Horribilorum Sorcery Academy for Witty
Witches and Wizards is coming to an end, and that means
final exams are here! You and your fellow students must
compete to brew the most difficult and valuable potions
around in order to be crowned Student of the Year in
Potion Explosion.
In Potion Explosion players attempt to create potions by
pulling colored marbles from a dispenser and matching them
with the needed ingredients for the potions on the table in
front of them. While basic turns are simple, clever players
will strategically pull colored marbles that both fulfill a
needed ingredient and cause matching colored marbles to
stack up in a single column, allowing them to collect all the
like colored marbles and save them for later turns.
Potion Explosion’s simple rules make it easy enough for the
whole family to learn, but offers enough depth to keep puzzle
game fans coming back for more.

399,00 DKK
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Vægt: 1,885
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