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Pioneers wanted!

The Wild West: The first towns and cities prosper, looking for suitable specialists. Driving their coaches over the game board, the players let their pioneers travel to the cities, trying to connect the cities to their own road
network. Each pioneer has their own particular profession, granting benefits for the player if deployed at the proper place. Pioneers is an exciting game for the whole family, with the players taking their chances by skillfully adjusting
their tactics to the ever changing settings of the game.

Game components:
1 game board (double sided)
49 pioneer tokens
80 wooden pioneers, 60 wooden roads
28 coaches, including 4 starting coaches
4 start-shop-tiles
4 victory point markers
8 dead end tiles
1 pioneer coach
1 start player marker
4 player tableaus
10 gold nugget token, 45 Dollar coins
1 rule booklet

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Vægt: 1,72
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