Om Nom Nom

Model/varenr.: 19509

In Om Nom Nom, during the game you will roll dice, which will represent various kinds of prey. By clever play of your hunter cards, you
will try to eat the prey and thus gain victory points. At the end of the game the winner will be the player with the most points.
The game consists of 3 rounds. Each round is divided into 4 phases — roll, play, score and cleanup. During the “Roll” phase one of the
players rolls all the dice. After rolling the dice are arranged on the game boards. During the “Play” phase all players play all 6 of their
predator cards one by one. When everyone has selected their first card, those are revealed simultaneously. This is where the action
happens. Did you manage to guess what everyone else will play? Were you the only one brave enough to sneak your mouse after the
cheese? Or did you as everyone else play the wolf, because no rabbit surely could resist that amount of carrots. During this phase, players
resolve all their played cards by capturing dice and cards of other players. During the “Score” phase players score points for captured
cards and dice. And during the “Cleanup”, when all 6 cards have been played, players gather all their cards back in hand and a new round
can begin. At the end of the third round, player with the most points is the winner.

• 3 game boards
• 36 cards
• 15 dice
• score pad
• game rules

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