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In the card game MammuZ, you'll see mammoths, sabretooth tigers, and other critters from long-gone days — and you want to help them disappear by ridding yourself of them as quickly as you can.

MammuZ uses an asymmetrical deck of cards featuring two mammoths, three bears, four deer, and so on up to nine mice. Six dinosaur cards with special powers are included as well, and you customize the deck before the start of play based on the number of players.

During the game, players try to rid themselves of cards along the lines of Cheat. At the start of a round, a player lays 1-4 cards face down and claims they're a type of animal, which they may or may not be! The next player either also lays down 1-4 cards and claims they're the same type of animal or calls out the previous player by flipping over one of the cards previously played. If that card matches the animal claimed, the current player takes all played cards in hand; if not, the previous player does. If the card revealed is a dinosaur, then some special power takes effect. Whatever the case, the next player then starts a new round.

Whenever a player has all cards of a particular type of animal in hand, she discards those animals immediately, removing them from the game.

As soon as a player runs out of cards, whether by discarding a type of animal or by playing her final cards (and not being proved a liar), the game ends and she wins!

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