Fluxx - Holiday Fluxx

Model/varenr.: 064LOO

The holiday season comes every year, and with it, thoughts of parties and gift-giving. Holiday Fluxx is here to jump into that niche every time it rolls around. Holiday Fluxx is the perfect game to bring folks of all ages together for good times and laughter. Stock it as soon as you want to bring your customers thoughts around to the season of gifting and gathering.

• Perfect for a holiday display in your store!
• Holiday season is an “evergreen” theme: it comes every year!
• Priced and sized just right for stockingstuffers or smaller gifts.
• Great for groups of mixed ages at holiday get-togethers!
• Holiday themed art by Ali Douglass.
• Over 2 million copies of Fluxx sold to date!
• Fluxx has been featured on Geek & Sundry’s TableTop, MTV Geek, and Geekdad.

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