Dragon Pets

Model/varenr.: PG005

Nobody said being a dragon breeder was easy… and the
competition is heating up! You have two fine specimens to
start with. All you need to do is send your Dragon Seekers
out into the forest to find a suitable match.
But there are other breeders trying to grab the best dragons
before you can: The 1783rd annual dragon breeding
competition is about to begin. Can you outwit your rivals
and claim the title of Supreme Dragon Breeder?
You begin the game with two dragons in search of mates.
You must send your Dragon Seekers into the forest to collect
more dragons, forming mating pairs. Each pair you collect
will award you gold coins. The player with the most coins
at the end of the game wins!

40 dragon cards, 10 starting dragon cards, 4 player aid cards, 12 woodden Dragon Seekers, 5 dice, 16 wodden tokens and 36 gold coins.

199,00 DKK
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