Model/varenr.: 51332

Diamant is a clever and quick stop-and-go game that takes you on an
incredible adventure. Delve into the Tacora Cave searching for forgotten
treasure, but go forth with careful steps or else you could fall into a trap
and lose all of your diamonds.
Explore the f iVe entrances of the TAcora cave...
Delve into the cave looking for treasures...
But pay attention to traps!
With each step, decide to continue the exploration or exit.
Put as many diamonds as possible into your chest to win the game !

• 35 Expedition Cards
• 16 Decision cards
• 100 Precious Stones
• 8 Explorer figures
• 8 Chests
• 5 Barricade tiles
• 1 game board
• 1 player aid
• 1 rulebook

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