Crazy Karts

Model/varenr.: 026PLG

Crazy Karts is a team based family game
that pits players in a crazy race! Teams
of dwarves, elves, mummies and goblins
race for championship! Each player has his
own player board and depending on his role
in a team his board puts him responsibility for
speeding up, repairs and initiative or turning,
grabbing bonuses from track and boosting
Power Ups! The crucial point of this crazy race
is that team mates cannot communicate with
each other! They cannot talk during planning
phase and they need to predict what their
partner is going to do! And that’s where the
fun begins...
Designed by Charles-Amir Perret and developed
by Portal Games team Crazy Karts is an amazing
family race game for 3 to 8 players playing
in teams (with an option for Lone Wolf player).
Different tracks, dozen of obstacle tokens, four
unique fantasy factions and many Power Ups
tokens make the game great title for all players!

The game includes 72 cards, 5 double sided track boards, 9 player boards, 4 power tracks, 4 speedometers, 4 player screens, 63 tiles, 4 wooden cart tokens with stickers, and a rulebook.

279,00 DKK
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Vægt: 1,916
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