Crash by Crash

Model/varenr.: 27001en

Suggested age: 8 and up
2 to 4 players
Author: Monika Dillingerová and Jan Dostál

A fun fair arrived in town. The main attraction are bumper cars. With your band of young punks, prove that you can drive better than your opponent and claim the best part of the floor for yourself.

The basic principle of the game is to push others away and to be in the right time on a better positions. The corrupt operator is coursing trough the bumper car floor and he’s trying to keep the attraction in order and working condition. Both bands are trying to convince him to give them some unfair advantages. In order to be as much fun as possible, our operator will assemble the car floor differently in each game.

Available in Czech, German and English.

109,00 DKK
Lager: Kun 1 stk. tilbage
Vægt: 0,764
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