Colt Express: Marshal and Prisoners

Model/varenr.: ASMLUDCOEX03EN

In Colt Express, our famous bandits are busier than ever. A new rival is now on the stage and her explosive style might give them a hard time. Moreover, their enemy, the Marshal, pursues his own goals. Be careful to not end up in the prison car!
This new expansion gives a big role to the justice side. Now, a player can play the Marshal. He follows his own objectives which are different from a game to another one. His customized cards deck allows him to pursue the bandits, shoot and jail them.
The bandits will have to work together against him if they want to be able to win the game. But they still need to be the richest ones to beat the others.
The new 3D component, the prison car, is placed after the caboose. This is where the bandits caught by the Marshal go. They need to free themselves before going back to the robbery. The prison is also full of low-class bandits ready to give a hand to whoever would free them.
Finally, a new bandit, Mei, has joined the gang with her special ability which makes her more mobile than the others.

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