Carcassonne - Amazonas

Model/varenr.: ZMG78670

Explore the Amazon River and jungle in the latest Carcassonne Around the World:
Amazonas! Send your meeples in villages and tributaries that border the majestic
river (while you’re there, keep an eye out for fruit), and build camps in the jungle to observe the wildlife. But don’t get too distracted by this tropical paradise, your opponents have already started racing down the Amazon River; you’ll need to follow them if you wish to be on your way to victory!

• Follow the stream created by the Amazon tiles.
• Place a meeple or move your boat: your turn, your move!
• Stay ahead of the competition on the Amazon River to stay ahead
on the scoreboard too!


• 80 Land tiles
• 4 Amazon double-tiles
• 1 Start tile
• 1 Scoreboard
• 25 Meeples
• 10 Camps
• 5 Boats
• 1 Rulebook

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