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Who doesn't dream of owning a large Mansion in the sun-drenched hills of California? But before you can furnish the house according to your wishes the interior must be renovated. Just as you have completed furnishing the first rooms you curious neighbors begin to drop by, some bearing housewarming gifts. A good thing too ... because victory will go to the one with the most beautifully renovated house and the largest collection of gifts.

Players have inherited a small amount of money and a house on the sunny hills of California. Unluckily the house is in a very bad condition. It will be to the players make it habitable again: renewing the rooms with the most exclusive furniture. Better and more friendly will be the house, more neighbors will come bringing presents and friendship.

During the game the players could take money from the bank or buy tiles from the shops to place in the house. Before furnishing a room and welcoming people they have to renovate the room. Bonus cards could be gained being the first to furnish the rooms with particular combination of objects. It will be always possible to get loans ...

At the end of the game (the 12th day) every player will score points for every present, every bonus card and every renovated room in their house. After paying debts the player with the most victory points will be the winner.

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