Bear Park

Model/varenr.: MFG3530

Your town is planning a new bear park ... and you have been contracted to build it! Since animal welfare and species-appropriate housing is a matter dear to your heart, you're going to build large enclosures and spacious animal houses. However, it's not as easy as it sounds to fit everything, within the space you’ve been given, so skillful puzzling is key to getting the most valuable animals in your park and constructing impressive (and valuable) Bear Statues. At the end, will your park be the best … or just bearable?
“Bear Park” by “Imhotep” designer Phil-Walker takes two to four players aged 8 and up on a quick and fun puzzle adventure. Place enclosures and animal houses as well as shops and paths to fill your bear park as quickly as possible. Cover icons to get new tiles. Complete an area faster than your opponents to score a lot of points. Add to the challenge by introducing achievement cards providing bonus points for various tile arrangements. In the end, the most skilfull puzzler wins.

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