Arcane Academy

Model/varenr.: IDW01105

Challenge rival students to become the best in class in
Arcane Academy, an innovative board game of tilelinking
wizardry for 2-4 players that pits young
spellcasters against one another in a duel for honor and
prestige. Arcane Academy game design by industry
superstars Eric M. Lang (A Game of Thrones, Star
Wars: The Card Game, Quarriors) and Kevin Wilson
(Descent, Arkham Horror and Android) in their first-ever
design collaboration!
Forge potent magic items and wield wickedly powerful
elemental energies to outthink and outmaneuver your
opponents in this elegantly simple and quick-to-learn
board game that will appeal to families and experienced
players alike!


53 Assignment Cards
30 Prestige Tokens
30 Red Plastic Shards
30 Exhaustion Tokens
35 Action Tiles
4 Will Dials
4 Player Slates
1 “First” Player Token
1 Cloth Tile Bag
1 Rulebook

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