75 Gnom’ Street

Model/varenr.: CMNGNM001

This garden isn’t Big enough for all the gnomes!

The garden at 75 Gnom’ Street may seem ordinary, but for years, it’s been the
battleground for some intense gnome gang wars. After decades of burglaries and hoarding, it’s time to determine which gang will own the turf for good.
75 Gnom’ Street is a hilarious fight for territory and information. Over the course of several rounds, players will try to control parts of the garden and steal their opponents’ loot!

• Garden Investigation - By interrogating their opponents, players will attempt to find and steal their loot, hidden somewhere in the garden.
• Choose a Gnome - Each round, players will choose a gnome card to do battle for them, each with a special power.
• Gnome Throw - Players secretly select a card for the round, but if there’s a tie, it’s settled with a gnome throw (obviously). Players launch their gnome token with their catapult card, closest to the chimney wins!

1 Game Board
12 Gnome Miniatures
1 Investigation Booklet
60 Cards
37 Tokens
1 Rulebook

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