Books of Sorcery Vol.2: White and Black Treatises

Model/varenr.: EGWW80301
A Guide to Sorcery and Necromancy

The White Treatise
and The Black Treatise are the definitive tomes of sorcery and necromancy in the Age of Sorrows. Featuring 160 pages chock full of all the spells an Exalt might wield to exert her will over Creation, this supplement reintroduces to the new edition all the spells made popular in Exalted First Edition, as well as introducing a number of never before seen spells reclaimed by the reborn Twilight Solar Exalted and their twisted reflections, the Daybreak Caste Abyssals.

A Magical Sourcebook for Exalted®, Second Edition

? The ultimate spell book for Exalted sorcery and necromancy in Second edition

? Offers sections on magical theory and initiation

? Unique flip book design highlighting The Black Treatise and The White Treatise as separate but equal tomes of magic

Books of Sorcery Vol.2: White and Black Treatises is a 160 page softcover supplement for Exalted Second Edition.
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