Legendary: Big Trouble In Little China

Model/varenr.: UD84774

New Game Features:

· First ever Big Trouble in Little China Deck Building Game
· Become Legendary with the mystical arts seen in the cult hit film.
· Players will work there way through the co-op game trying to defeat Lo Pan and the three storms!
· Play as Jack Burton, Gracie Law, Wang Chi and even the Pork Chop Express as you play schemes straight from the film.
· This is the first time the core Legendary game engine has been used for a new property.
· This is a core set, no other sets required to play.

Core set:

o 350 Original art Card set
o Full color play mat
o 1 page color rule sheet
o Customize your card organization with removable foam inserts

339,00 DKK
Lager: 2 stk tilbage på lager
Vægt: 1,535
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