KUNE v LAKIA: A Chronicle Of A Royal Lapine Divorce Foretold

Model/varenr.: LDR1510000

Influence courtiers, take control of property and plot your way to victory in this quick deck-building card game. Once upon a time, the royal wedding of Duke
Kune and Princess Lakia brought joy and celebration to every warren in the Bunny Dutchy.
Alas, for all the carrot cake that was consumed at the wedding was in vain. One day, a petty argument boiled over to a fight, and once the fight grew to the point that the royal guards had to be called in, there was no way to contain the situation. It was going to be Kune v Lakia!
The two players each act for the Duke or the Princess during the divorce
proceedings.Much like in a real-life divorce, this is a highly interactive process, and not an easy one at that. In a game of behind-the-scenes plotting and intrigue, only the most clever player will emerge victorious in the struggle for prestige, property and power!


48 cards
5 carrot tokens

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