The End of the World RPG: Alien Invasion, Eng

Model/varenr.: FFG-EW03

Earth has come under attack from extraterrestrial lifeforms! Co untless adventures await in the five scenarios included in Alien Invasion, an otherworldly take on The End of the World roleplaying line, originally designed by Álvaro Loman and José M. Rey. This standalone roleplaying game features
an elegant, narrative ruleset that keeps the focus on the story and offers you the chance to play as yourself in the midst of the apocalypse. The unique scenario structure of Alien Invasion offers compelling experiences over a single session or a far -reaching campaign. Make first contact and prepare for an alien invasion!

• The third standalone installment in The End of the World roleplaying game line
• Five unique scenarios portray five different types of extraterrestrial attack
• A elegant ruleset keeps the focus on the narrative during gameplay
• Scenarios are split between apocalypse and post-apocalypse, offering a variety of game lengths
• Introduces rules for piloting vehicles to confront the alien invaders

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