Arkham horror expansion king in yellow

Model/varenr.: FFG-VA45

Arkham Horror: The King In Yellow Expansion "The King in Yellow" play has come to Arkham, and with it untold horrors that threaten to steal the sanity of those who watch it! Things that cannot be become reality as terror threatens the city of Arkham once more! The mysterious cult of the Ancient One has returned, and with it has come the King in Yellow himself stalking the streets of Arkham. Corrupted by the baleful Yellow Signs that begun to spread through Arkham, only few remain courageous enough to investigate these horrors and put an end to them before it's too late. The King in Yellow is an expansion to the Arkham Horror Board Game by Fantasy Flight games and comes with new cards and items allowing for new game play varients and an entirely new focused theme to the world of Arkham!

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