Android: Netrunner LCG: Salsette Island Data Pack - EN

Model/varenr.: FFG-ADN33

The fourth Data Pack in the Mumbad Cycle for Android: Netrunner, Salsette Island introduces sixty new cards (including a complete playset of nineteen different cards) that carry players deeper into the intrigues, bribes, blackmail, and cybercrime surrounding the Indian Union's heated national elections. As Akshara Sareen’s Ēkatā Party rides the surging interest in clone
rights to take a lead in the polls, top executives from all four Corp factions become increasingly willing to forge expedient and beneficial alliances in order to counter (or exploit) the party's growing political influence and preserve their existing business models.

• The fourth Data Pack in the Mumbad Cycle for Android: Netrunner The Card Game
• Further develops the intrigues and cybercrime surrounding the heated debates over clone rights
• New alliance assets and operations promote new deck types for all Corp factions
• The game’s Runners gain new assets and events that explore the Mumbad meatspace and allow them to challenge the Corps on multiple fronts
• Sixty card pack includes a complete playset of nineteen different cards

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