Android: Netrunner LCG: 23 Seconds Data Pack

Model/varenr.: FFG-ADN36

A twenty-three second breach of Titan Transnational Bank’s security
 systems plunges New Angeles into financial ruin, and 23 Seconds opens
 the Flashpoint Cycle for Android: Netrunner with a glimpse of the
 resulting chaos. Its sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty different
 cards), depict a world in which desperate corps act more aggressively
 than ever, implementing extremely powerful—often hostile—ice and
 operations that come with trash costs. These cards, along with the
 Corp’s powerful new Terminal operations, ensure that the stakes in the
 Flashpoint Cycle are as high as they’ve ever been!

• The first Data Pack from the Flashpoint Cycle for the popular Android: Netrunner LCG®
 • Portrays the worlds of Android in the wake of a massive financial crash
• Introduces new types of ice and operations that feature trash costs
• Corporations gain the use of terminal operations
• Increases the game’s stakes with new ways to focus on your credit reserves

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