Brætspil Adventskalender 2016

Model/varenr.: 6316-16

• 24 small extensions for 24 different games from different publishers.
• List of games
Arcadia Quest, Arkwright, Broom Service, Bohemian Villages, Cacao Chocolatl, Camel Up Cards, Crisis,
The Oracles of Delphi, The Portals of Molthar, Gold West, Guilds of London, Hansa Teutonica,
Imhotep, Istanbul, Karuba, King of New York, Mystery, Panic Lab, Quadropolis,
Robinson Crusoe, Saboteur, Tallinn, West of Africa, Zooloretto
• List of publishers:
AbacusSpiele, ADC Blackfire, alea games, Amigo games, Argentum publishing house, Asmodee, Cool Mini or Not,
Days of Wonder, dlp games, Egg Games, Giga, Haba, Hall Games, Heidelberger, Iello, Kosmos,
Libellud, LudiCreations, Ostia Games, Pegasus Games, Portal Games, Spielworxx, Surprised Stare Games,
Tasty Minstrel Games
• Contains punched parts and cards, depending on the game.
• Contains the rules for each extension in English and German.

• Real Advent Calendar with a door for every day from the 1st to the 24th of December.
• All extensions are new and exclusive for a full year.
• Includes extensions for great hits and award winners, such as: Mysterium, Karuba, Imhotep, Arkwright,
Istanbul, King of Tokyo, Robinson Crusoe, West of Africa.

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