Mage Wars Arena - Battlegrounds: Domination

Model/varenr.: MWBG01

Dominate the Arena in a whole new way with customized Arena tiles to create your own designs!

Mage Wars Battlegrounds Domination introduces new "Puzzle cut" tiles for players to create their own custom Arena layouts as well as new scenario play for Domination mode, where players vie to control powerful V'tar orbs in the Arena, granting them new powers and abilities!

Puzzle Cut tiles allow players to make their own Arena designs!
New Domination rules offer a fresh new way to play.
A load of new spell cards that can be used in Domination Mode or traditional play.
1st Print run includes 2 promo cards (Ankh of Asyra (equipment) and Blue (Enchantment)

20 customized tiles
116 cards
1 rulebook with Domination rules
9 orbs
13 condition markers
2 spiked pit traps
2 secret passages
1 taunt
6 guard markers
23 v'tar tokens
24 control markers

265,00 DKK
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