Arcana Revised Edition

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Arcana Revised Edition 

The city of Cadwallon is infamous for its intrigues and power struggles. It is a city of hidden power and arcane relics, in which the most exclusive circles of influence are occupied by numerous merchant corporations, known as guilds. They compete for control of the city, sending their agents to secure key locations, bribe notable personalities, and acquire valuable relics. Can you maneuver past the other guilds? Will you claim control of Cadwallon?

The revised edition of Arcana is now on sale! This vibrant card game of intrigue, bribery, and coercion for 2-4 players steeps you in Cadwallon’s ages-old struggle for power and dominance. With new guilds and optional rules, the revised edition of Arcana retains the original game’s rich setting and elegant card play while enhancing the game’s strategic options.

In this standalone card game of influence and intrigues, you lead one of six unique guilds, initiates of an exclusive arcanum (area) of power in Cadwallon, vying for domination of the city’s districts. Each turn, you send agents to different districts to secure the aid of influential citizens and gain precious relics to aid your bid for ultimate authority. The guild with the most victory points wins!


New guilds

The revised edition of Arcana introduces two new guilds as they prepare their bids for power. The Guild of Fortune-tellers have foreseen that Cadwallon is about to become ripe for the taking, and their agents move through its districts, gathering influence through sorcery. Meanwhile, the Guild of Architects work with everyone who has literally built the city from the ground up. No longer content to stand aside while the other guilds vie for the reins, no one knows more hidden sites of power than the Guild of Architects.

Optional rules

The revised edition of Arcana incorporates new optional rules and cards:

  • Customize Your Guild. The cards for this variant allow players to further specialize their strategies. Will you concentrate on bribing personalities, or will you seize control of numerous locations to gain the edge? From 20 possible guild cards, you’ll select the best 11 to pursue your strategy.
  • Objectives. Score extra victory points by following through on all your objectives. Objectives require you to take control of specific Stakes, making their pursuit all the more challenging and strategic. Gain the Stakes you need, and they become all the more valuable. Meanwhile, each player has hidden his own concealed objectives, raising the unpredictability and increasing the amount of room for skilled bluffs and misinformation.
  • Militia. Players utilizing Militia cards can win the Militia’s support for a turn by discarding Stake cards. How will your strategy change when there’s always a Militia you can bribe to serve as your agents for a turn?
  • Guild Masters. Choose a Guild Master to lead your efforts, and benefit from the Guild Master’s unique ability. Some abilities may be used once a round while others may be used any number of times. With three possible Guild Masters for each Guild, you’ll find dynamic new ways to sway the city to your side.
  • Random Events. The addition of three random events from 12 possible Event cards changes the challenges you face each round, adding unpredictability and an emphasis on flexible strategies.

The Guilds of Cadwallon have begun to hatch their schemes for control of the city. Can you execute your plan? Will you prove successful and seize Cadwallon? Get your copy of the revised edition of Arcana today

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