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Each player controls a small Indian tribe, made up of Hunters, Maidens, Warriors and Chiefs. The Indians want to claim as much booty as possible. So the Hunter, for example, keeps an eye out for buffalo, while the Maiden collects necklaces etc.

Players take turns revealing one of the prairie cards in the middle of the table and players may play a hand card that can claim booty placing it as quickly as possible onto the Pow-Wow board. If nobody chooses to play a hand card, then players continue to take turns revealing prairie cards until someone chooses to play a hand card, interrupting the revealing of prairie cards.
If the player plays a correct card he may claim a booty.
If a player plays a hand card with which he could not have claimed any booty, then he must give up
the top two cards in his victory pile.

After the last prairie card has been revealed, all players have one last chance to try and claim booty.
Thereafter, the game is over. Each player counts the cards in his victory pile. The player with the most cards wins.

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