Town Center: Lower Manhattan / Paris La Cité – St. Louis

Model/varenr.: LDR143010

An expansion for Alban Viard’s Town Center.

In Town Center, players build a city – in particular, the town center. They add cubes on their personal board and try to arrange them as best as possible in order to score the most victory points. Each cube represents a different type of module. Flats, shops, offices, generators, lifts, car parks, town hall can be built and stacked during the course of the game. Each module generates influence on adjacent land and on cubes directly below or above.

Previously released as “Town Center: Expansion n°1” and “Town Center: Expansion n°2”, these expansions are now available in one single compact package, on either side of 4 player boards that allow players to play on quite different city maps, each of which provides for very challenging gameplay. The expansion comes with an A5 rulesheet/cover.

The Lower Manhattan map simulates the construction of the densest part of New York City, and the limited space is a challenge for even the most experienced players.

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