McMillan M40A3 Sniper rifle, OD green

Model/varenr.: 17993

The M40A3 is a fully licensed bolt action airsoft sniper rifle. It is a 1/1 scale replica of the united States Marine Corps trusted sniper platform. It has all the standard M40A3 features, such as an adjustable cheek rest and stock to make it more comfortable for the user and a rail for mounting scopes.
For a gun that shoots 130 m/s (420 fps) out of the box, it has a remarkable easy bolt action allowing for fast and smooth re-cocking for quick follow up shots. Adjusting the stock, cheek rest or the hop-up is easy since all adjustment points are highly accessible. Add to this multiple QD sling attachment points, bipod adaptor, and textured grip areas and the result is a versatile Airsoft sniper rifle.
Color: Olive Drab
License from McMillan and Action Sport Games (ASG)
Polymer body
Metal Barrel with Receiver
Engraved realistic markings on barrel
Fix Stock with Rubber Pad adjustable for length
Cheek pad height adjustable for height
Full Metal Bolt System
Adjustable hop-up
6 QD swivel attachments points
Bipod adapter
Textured grip areas
Tapered barrel
20 rd. magazine
Top rail for mounting optics

Løbs længde:470mm
Mag. Capacity:20 skud
Standard Mag.:17994
Hop Up Type:Justerbar
Energi:1,7 Joule
Produceret af VFC

Available upgrades:

Ref. 17212 M150 Upgrade kit, results in a muzzle velocity of approx. 490FPS-149m/s
(Should be installed by a skilled airsoft technician.) 

Ref. 17213 M170 Upgrade kit, results in a muzzle velocity of approx. 545FPS-165m/s
(Should be installed by a skilled airsoft technician.)

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