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Arcadia Quest - Beyond the Grave
Arcadia Quest - Beyond the Grave
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DKK 259,00 
( DKK 207,20 Ex.moms )

In the XVI century Italy was the scene of wars and dynastic quarrels. In the Papal States, Pope Paul III knew he could count on the strength of the powerful Orsini family to oppose the power of his enemies, but where did it come so much strenght?

In 1542 Pierfrancesco II Orsini, nickanamed Vicino, inherited the fief of Bomarzo, which elected to his residence, along with the fiefs of Collepiccolo, Castelvecchio, Montenero and Mompeo. In 1547 Vicino Orsini wanted to celebrate the grandeur of his family, by commissioning one of the greatest architectural wonders of Italy. Within a natural amphitheater were masterfully carved huge mythological figures, whose sublime beauty enchants and terrifies those who are in their presence. Even today the park is shrouded in mystery: is it a Sacred Grove in which to bring votive offerings to the gods or a Park of Monsters made to scare poor people? It's rumored that Vicino Orsini owed his own fortune to the devotion shown to the gods and to the offers that he brought to them.
In Bomarzo you will have to delve into the mystery of the park, to propitiate the gods and obtain their favor. You’ll play the role of one of the feudal lords of the Orsini and you’ll manage one of four minor feuds, Collepiccolo, Castelvecchio, Montenero or Mompeo, trying to earn the esteem of your lord. If you’ll develop your feud in the best way you will manage to prevail over your rivals. Do not forget the supernatural forces that dwell in Bomarzo: your existence and your achievement will be influenced by how you manage to turn in your advantage the will of the monsters of the park.

Bomarzo is a game of deep strategy for 2-4 players, the short duration makes the importance of the players' choices even more decisive. The careful management of resources will allow you to easily take advantage of the power of the monstrous deity of the park. Each turn you will be able to perform various operations in your fief and also you will have to choose which god ingratiate, through workers placement bound by auction. Be careful: each divinity of the park requires a very specific offer to concede his favor otherwise unleash his monstrous fury on unwary visitors! To triumph in Bomarzo you not only need the best development but mostly to have tied your fortunes to the most powerful and prestigious deity.

1 Rulebook
1 Game Board
1 First Player token
1 Seasons marker
4 Player Sets: 4 Village Boards, 20 action pawns, 20 score markers, 20 worker indicators
75 resource cubes (30 coins cubes, 30 food cubes and 15 wine cubes)
8 Divinities cards
45 Development cards

Status: På lager
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