Android Netrunner LCG: Intervention Data Pack

Model/varenr.: FFG-ADN39

Intervention is the fourth Data Pack in the Flashpoint cycle for Android: Netrunner, and its sixty cards (three copies each of twenty different cards) deposit you in the streets of New Angeles in the wake of the Twenty-Three Seconds incident. There’s damage everywhere. Meat damage, brain damage, and collateral damage. We also fnd a new Haas-Bioroid identity, a new Shaper identity, a handful of Runner cards that dare you to run despite the risks to your health, and a place of sanctuary in which the Runners can hide.
• Introduces an identity card for the aspiring Shaper, Hayley Kaplan
• Fans of the Shaper faction will appreciate the pack’s focus on education and innovation
• Continues to develop the regional flavor of the SanSan Cycle, focusing heavily on the local meat space

This is an expansion for: ADN01 - Android: Netrunner

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